A little about me

My background

  • Hi, I'm Deborah. I love both the study and practice of hypnosis because it has an understated simplicity and yet can advance profound and powerful change. I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and recently completed my training as a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist (qualification pending). I start a new role as course assistant with the internationally respected Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis in October 2015. First and foremost I am committed to giving my clients all the advantages of my professional skills and experience whilst personally supporting and equipping them with all the tools they need to succeed.

    In 1997 I gained a DipHE Deaf Studies (interpreting) from Bristol University. It was whilst studying a 'cognitive processing' module that my interest in ‘the mind’ was ignited. This looked at how the brain handles thoughts, ideas and images and the way such mental processes can impact our responses - both for the better but also for the worse. Quite often our responses seem automatic or out of our control but in fact the opposite is true and we can influence and change them. I found this compelling. When I later relocated from Bristol to the beautiful south coast I decided to devote my time to studying how we can take control of the process. The biggest surprise was discovering the important role that hypnosis plays in this and the wealth of evidence and research that surrounds it. Even more compelling was that my own experience backed it up. It works for me.

 My Inspiration

  • I have personally benefited from hypnosis in numerous ways - not least it helped me recover so quickly from spinal fusion surgery I was able to march to the top of the highest point on the south coast (Golden Cap) just six weeks later - without any pain whatsoever (that's me posing at the top in the picture on the left). I can't wait to show you how hypnotherapy can work for you too.
     Working with me isn’t just about dealing with your immediate problem: it’s also about enhancing your entire mind-set for lifelong change. I don’t want you to ‘think positively’, or to plaster a false smile on your face whilst you 'will’ yourself through challenging times because willpower alone rarely works. Instead, I equip my clients with creative practical and emotional skills that mean they can approach life realistically and with a clear and calm mind. We work together so that you can leave the Hypnotherapy Boutique feeling delighted with your success and motivated to use your new abilities in many other areas of your life too. Hypnotherapy is rapid, evidence based and puts you in control. I can't tell you how exciting it is to be alongside clients who make those changes.

 My Practice

  • I am fortunate to live and work on the magnificent Jurassic coast in Lyme Regis Dorset, an area of outstanding natural beauty. Hypnotherapy Boutique adjoins our home which is a beautiful converted stable block in the grounds of a former country estate. For those choosing my 2-day intensive programmes, we also offer fabulous overnight accommodation in our retreat cottage and I am happy to advise you of must-see sights and walks within the area if you’d like to maximise your stay. Whether coming here for hourly sessions or longer, you can expect a warm and friendly welcome and an environment you can relax in.

" Scott’s practitioner, Dorset-based Deborah Sims, ‘has helped me to understand how not to make the noise a priority – so it is starting to reduce,’ he reports. "

The Mail on Sunday YOU magazine features an article on Tinnitus. I’m thrilled to have been mentioned as a result of my work with a case study client whilst still undergoing training. You can view and read the full article here. More