Fabulous results for tinnitus clients

fabulous results for tinnitus clients

I have just calculated the final assessment scores for a client of mine who has come to the end of their 6 week therapy sessions for tinnitus and yet again I am seeing some fabulous results (see table below)! These scores never cease to impress upon me how incredible it is to work alongside clients who invest their time, effort and trust into making these kinds of changes.

For many, in the absence of a cure for tinnitus, habituation is the next best thing because Continue reading

Absolutely thrilled to be featured as guest professional on this week’s fabulously wonderful Hypnosis-Weekly podcast!

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These weekly podcasts are rammed full of fascinating facts, theories and insights and it was truly a real honour to be invited alongside people I regard as my internationally respected peers.  If you are interested in hypnosis, they offer a wide and varied opportunity to learn more about all manner of different approaches to the field from the zany to the practical and sober.

Why not kick off your shoes, grab a cuppa and take a listen to learn more about me, my background, my approach to hypnotherapy and my tinnitus specialism in particular.  You can listen to it HERE>>>http://www.hypnosis-weekly.com/episode-27-featuring-deborah-sims/

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New research maps out the way for helping people who suffer from tinnitus

Just a quick share of this interesting research.

I’m so excited that science is becoming better able to track what is actually happening when people experience tinnitus.  It is such a distressing condition. Many people come up against impatience and  dismissive recommendations to ‘just accept it’ – it’s about time that decent research and evidence became headline news. It’s the only way people will really begin to understand what it is and what type of interventions are most likely to succeed.

I am incredibly proud that my approach is already informed by research which similarly shows that in addition to the auditory triggers and perception of the sound, there are non-auditory processes at play in other areas of the brain too – for example with regards to emotion (limbic area) and attention. Too often interventions for tinnitus focus only on the sound itself and miss the vital distinction between the noise itself and the mechanisms that promote it within the broader system.

That’s what makes my approach different and, in my humble opinion, so much better! Research and clinical experience shows that there are ways that people can exercise control over non-auditory aspects of their tinnitus and thus can change how it impacts their life – even to the point where natural habituation can begin and the sound may be relegated to background noise. Much like people who live next to a railway line yet learn not to notice the sound of the trains anymore.


Do you need to blow away excuses…?

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Do you need to blow away excuses….?

“Freedom of mind is the real freedom…
Freedom of mind is the proof of one’s existence.”

B. R. Ambedkar

I recently discovered the joys of Google banners. If you click on them all manner of wondrous things reveal themselves (does the whole world already know that?!).  They even have a name – ‘Google Doodle’…. Who knew?  Anyway, earlier this week, Google greeted me with this one:

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ITV’s ‘Back in the Room….’ – keeping my dummy in the pram

I sat down this morning to write about the ITV show ‘back in the room’.  However, I’m finding it SO tricky because my counter-argument could so easily descend into a major whinge-fest. I don’t want to risk people dismissing my comments as professional vanity and so whilst my Inner-Princess wants to write:  ‘Awwwww!  It’s not faaaaair! They don’t understaaaannd and are getting it all wroooonnnnng’  (because it’s not, they don’t and they are), my  Balanced-and-Well-Adjusted-Self is striving to write a more professional and balanced view…. Continue reading

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So…public speaking need not be scary after all….?

Well.  What a wonderful day!

The sun is shining, I have started the day with a glorious walk with a beautiful friend – and our dogs (Wilma and Barbara) – and I now have an hour or so to catch up on some admin in a fabulously unhurried way.  What a luxury.

Not least, I get to post this feature about a presentation I gave on Wednesday to the AE College of Therapeutic Hypnosis:

It gives the low-down on the information I delivered to other hypnotherapists about my approach to tinnitus – and details three other fascinating talks that happened at the same event too.  It was a great evening!

I was so excited to have been invited to talk about my work – especially because it Continue reading

As good a reason for engaging our minds in hypnosis as any…

Even today, some people have a mistaken idea that hypnosis is something the hypnotist ‘does’ to the person being hypnotised – like some mystical zapping (of course, if that were true, I’d be straight down the bank for a little zapping of the bank manager before zapping the dog to walk itself, followed by a quick zap of my teenage daughter to Go. Tidy. Your. Room…).

In fact, James Braid – the ‘father of hypnosis’ – described the process as Continue reading



What a lovely surprise!  I have a mention in the Beauty Bible too! Sarah Stacey, health editor, Mail on Sunday YOU magazine has featured a similar article about tinnitus on her own website too.  Thank you Sarah!


Mail on Sunday YOU magazine -Deborah Sims Hypnotherapist gets a mention!

I have been interviewed by Sarah Stacey, Health Editor for the Mail on Sunday YOU magazine.  Very exciting!  Sarah had heard about the work I had been doing on tinnitus.  One of my hypnotherapy case study clients is so thrilled with his results she interviewed us both about it.  How wonderful is that?  Click HERE for the Mail pages or to stay with Hypnotherapy Boutique, click:  FULL ARTICLE