ITV’s ‘Back in the Room….’ – keeping my dummy in the pram

I sat down this morning to write about the ITV show ‘back in the room’.  However, I’m finding it SO tricky because my counter-argument could so easily descend into a major whinge-fest. I don’t want to risk people dismissing my comments as professional vanity and so whilst my Inner-Princess wants to write:  ‘Awwwww!  It’s not faaaaair! They don’t understaaaannd and are getting it all wroooonnnnng’  (because it’s not, they don’t and they are), my  Balanced-and-Well-Adjusted-Self is striving to write a more professional and balanced view…. Because truth be told, the programme (what IS Phillip thinking?) is promoting all manner of misconceptions. Putting the record straight is important not only to me and my professional pride. It is most important for those people who have undertaken hypnotherapy in the past and for those who are considering hypnotherapy as a future intervention to help them with some very serious life difficulties. Hypnosis is such an incredibly important therapeutic tool. Little known is the fact that it shares much of its development and history with the evolution of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and research shows it can enhance even CBT outcomes. It brings huge benefits and relief for many, many people.  But how to get all of that across without throwing my dummy out of the pram? Imagine my joy, therefore, when the following article by  Adam (fellow hypnotherapist and friend) popped up on my screen. Now…his head may start to swell as this is the second repost of one of his articles that I have shared in as many weeks…but in it he says everything that I want to say and is more than fair in my opinion.

So…if you’re interested to know ‘what the hell was that all about…’, go grab a coffee, follow Adam’s link (under the picture) and have a read.  And if you find yourself discussing the programme with friends and colleagues please do hit my ‘share’ button below to inform as many as possible about the counter-view. Thanks so much. Enjoy…

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