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So…public speaking need not be scary after all….?

Well.  What a wonderful day!

The sun is shining, I have started the day with a glorious walk with a beautiful friend – and our dogs (Wilma and Barbara) – and I now have an hour or so to catch up on some admin in a fabulously unhurried way.  What a luxury.

Not least, I get to post this feature about a presentation I gave on Wednesday to the AE College of Therapeutic Hypnosis:

It gives the low-down on the information I delivered to other hypnotherapists about my approach to tinnitus – and details three other fascinating talks that happened at the same event too.  It was a great evening!

I was so excited to have been invited to talk about my work – especially because it was an invitation from the AE College of Therapeutic Hypnosis.  Not only because I did my training with them, but because I know that the emphasis they put on evidence-based practice, meeting professional standards  and continuing professional development is second to none.  They are a tough bunch (in the nicest possible way!) with high expectations of their fellow hypnotherapists – so it meant a lot to have been so warmly received. It really fired me up to promote my work more and I have lots of ideas about how I can begin to make sure that as many people as possible can hear about what I do and can benefit from it as well.  Watch this space!

It’s great to end the week feeling grateful for the opportunity I had to speak at the meeting. It was even mentioned that it would be good as a stand-alone 2-hour seminar and I am feeling quite confident about my ability to do that now – quite remarkable considering the fact that in the past I would have run a mile to avoid it! Yet here I am reflecting that it can actually be a fun thing to do – so much so that I can’t wait to do it again! Hypnosis is a wonderful technique. It was fabulous to practice what I preach and to enjoy  the incredible benefits that come from using hypnosis to help in these types of situations.  I was still nervous – but in a realistic, empowered, motivated kind of way and it felt amazing afterwards knowing that techniques had given me clarity of mind and a calmness to get my point across. No blushing, no stuttering, no mumbling into cue-cards – in fact, not even any notes! I even relaxed enough to crack a joke or two – honest!  It feels good to be proud of myself for achieving something I may have previously avoided and I am ending the week feeling energised and massively enthused about the wonderful field I am privileged to work in.

Not least, the signs of Spring are fast approaching and so I hope you end your week feeling grateful and enthused for new opportunities too.  Change need not be a scary thing – often  the thought of change is the most un-nerving part and the process itself can even be enjoyable.  If you are reading this, then maybe there is something you would like to do differently or experience differently – and I will cheerlead you to do that until the cows come home.

Here’s to a blue-skied, sun filled weekend (we can all hope)

Deborah x



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