Change: to be in control of your life


“The secret of change is not to focus all of your energy on fighting the old, but on building the new”.    -    Socrates

Clever chap...
                       Habits can seem impossible to break. “I can’t do it!”, “Just one more won’t hurt!”, “I must do this…”, “I should do that”…. so much energy fighting the old habit with tired old strategies that make change so much harder. It’s exhausting and so confusing! We expend so much effort willing ourselves to do things differently and yet constantly find ourselves doing the exact opposite – why is this type of change so hard?

  According to Socrates change is only hard if all energy is spent fighting the old habit and I’d have to agree with him. Instead, using hypnotherapy, we focus a little on dismantling the old, but so much more of your energy is spent on building new, exciting, compelling ways of being instead. The old habits can soon be dropped by the wayside. Dead-wood.

 Simply put, clinical hypnosis is a technique designed to focus a person’s mind-set and imagination. In this focused state, the individual is susceptible to therapeutic suggestions and ideas. These suggestions are delivered in a particular way and the client actively engages their imagination to absorb themselves in those ideas. This leads to changes in perceptions, sensations, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

 This sounds mystical and a bit ‘whooo’ but actually evidence shows it is a normal, everyday process. All we do as hypnotherapists is show you how to harness the process and start making it work for you. Many academics actually describe hypnotherapy as a technique that undoes the negative hypnosis you engage in every time you focus your mind-set and imagination on the impossibility of a problem. We de-hypnotise you.

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