Clarity: to learn to live happy, live well


  I called this page ‘clarity’ because for me the word encompasses all that hypnotherapy can bring to people who want help to make emotional and behavioural changes.
 One effect of anxiety, fear, and pain is the impact it has on the autonomic nervous system. The stress response can shut down the ability to think clearly and creatively and we can become trapped in a negative cycle.

 Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) is a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and hypnosis and is backed with credible evidence and research in this area. It allows us to consider the role played by your thoughts, feelings and behaviour in relation to your intended goal and, with clarity, to begin regaining control. The fundamental principle of CBH is for you to learn skills and techniques to promote self-efficacy. Once learned and adopted by my clients these skills can be applied across many areas of their lives – and can have a life-long impact.

 Anxiety is often future-focused – worrying about what might happen, what will occur, whether you will or won’t be able to cope. I use some lovely, gentle mindful techniques based on those that have been clinically proven to help people with chronic pain or anxiety. I don’t use mindfulness as a stand-alone therapy, but it is a tool that I integrate within my practice.

 These techniques allow me to choose ethical and responsible ways of using hypnotherapy and form the backbone of an approach which I believe is most likely to give my clients the results they are seeking.